How to Shave with Sensitive Skin

Shaving is probably the most common part of a man’s routine. Whether your clean shaven or going for stubbly do, regular maintenance is required. Unfortunately, if you suffer from sensitive skin this can mean dealing with irritation and redness on a regular basis. So, if you’re looking for the best shave for sensitive skin, check out some tips below,

1. Leave a hot towel on your skin before shaving, this will open pores – giving an easier shave.

2. Use The Right Blade. Try to avoid disposable razors and ensure that you are always using a razor that has a sharp blade. Make sure that you change the blade often and never use the same blade more than four to five times.

3. Try Moisturizing Before You Shave.

4. Use a doubloon brush to spread the product evenly and raise the hairs on the face.Image result for black man shaving

5. Shave with the grain, against it can cause irritation.Shave your hair in the same direction that your hair grows. .

4. Rinse with cold water to remove hairs, cream and close your pores

.Image result for black man shaving

5. Have A Post-Shave Routine,Use aftershave moisturiser to soothe skin and prevent dryness.

6. Treat any skin irritation.

As you probably already knew, shaving is an essential part of every man’s bathroom routine – likely a daily task, a little change can really make all the difference in terms of irritable skin. Knowing how to shave for men is, therefore, essential. Although it may cost a bit more, investing in a good quality razor and some shaving products is important for keeping your skin soft, smooth and healthy. As long as you spend a bit of time and effort on your shaving routine, and follow our shaving guide, you’ll have less irritable skin in no time.

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